Books of Interest

Here are a few books you may find of interest, mainly on the subject of Liverpool's previous tram system.

Liverpool in the Age of the Tram. Steve Palmer and Brian Martin
An excellent selection of black and white pictures of Liverpool's tram system with very detailed captions explaining the history and working of the network.
Silver Link Publishing, 2002    ISBN 1-85794-188-8

Liverpool Tramways. Brian P Martin
Another fascinating picture book with historical notes and some detailed maps.
Middleton Press, 1997    ISBN 1-901706-04-4

Liverpool Transport Volume 4 - 1939-1957. J. B. Horne & T. B. Maund
A detailed historical work describing all forms of transport in Liverpool, including the gradual decline and closure of the tram network. Plenty of interesting pictures, maps and track diagrams. I look forward to reading other volumes in this series of five.
Transport Publishing Company, 1989    ISBN 0-86317-148-6

The Tramways of South Lancashire and North Wales. J. C. Gillham & R. J. S. Wiseman
An excellent book giving historical details of all the tram systems in the area, with lots of detailed track plans.
L.R.T.A., 2003

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